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With these new and patented additions it possible to place a standard rolling shutter in all directions even on a sloped window or on seres. The rolling shutter will be a standard version with some minor modification, this makes the total solution very cheap. The shutter can be mounted in all directions even with the box on the side (as a convenient garage door) or in the ground so the shutter moves upwards.
schuinstaand rolluik  download a movie:

Below are various movies of a tilted rolling shutter.
mpg   MPG-movie (944 Kb)
zip   Zip-file (790 Kb)
The next movie is of a closing rolling shutter placed on the side (garage door).
mpg   MPG-movie (945 Kb)
zip   Zip-file (790 Kb)
Below the same shutter but now it opens (garage door).
mpg   MPG-movie (948 Kb)
zip   Zip-file (790 Kb)

A set of patented products enables the easy modification of a standard roller shutter to a roller shutter that can operate in all directions. The products are:
    two spirals
    two Telescopes or
    one spring, instead of a telescoop.

The rollershutter can now operate in any direction:
  Standard, vertical down,
  Horizontal as on a sere,
  With the holder on the floor,
  and even as a door.
select the next picture for a MPG-movie.

In contrast to existing systems, the lamellas do not wind themselves directly on the tube. The diagrids, which are mounted on the side of the casing, conduct the lamella as a result they will make the largest round first. When the rolershutter opens the lamella pack will come more dense at the tube. At letting down the roller shutter, the lamella are forced by the diagrids to exit the casing.

Telescopes make it possible for the lamella to slide thru the diagrids. Telescopes start in an entirely slid out position and as the role shutter opens they slide entirely in the tube.
At motorial operated rolershutters, there is no space for a telescope, then a new-patented spring is used.

 The Benefits:

    Cheap construction.
    The roller shutter can operate in all directions.
    Direct suitable for all brands and types of roller hutters.

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