the Spiral
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spiraal The new patented spiral is a necessary part of the sloped roller shutter The spirals are made of quality plastic, to make sure that the lamellas slide smoothly and therefore the friction is minimized The spirals guide the lamella and therefore they don't have to be cut precise.
The spiral is mounted on the side of the box
The Spirals are mounted on the inner sides of the box and guide the lamellas from the outside in this makes it possible to operate the roller shutter in al positions

  All shapes and measurements are possible

The Spirals are suitable for all types of boxes and lamellas.
Some advantages of different type of spirals.

 The advantages:

     Cheap construction.
     Easy fit.
     Direct suitable for all brands and types of roller hutters
     Fits for all types of lamellas.
     Cut to length no longer necessary
     The roller shutter operates in combination with the new spring in all directions

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