The Telescop
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telescoop The new patented telescop is needed when using the sloping rollerblinds. conventional springs would pull the blinds fron the spirals and woould not be able to roll. Instead of the traditional spring as a connection between the topblind and the axle are now these telescops used. The telescoop is screwed in the top blind. The telescops wil not bend and they will therfore force the blind to follow the curve of the spiral. this consturction enables the blind to go in and out no mater the way that the rollerblind is placed.

The telescopes are mounted in the tube and can be placed in existing roller shutters. The Telescopes start in the fully extended form when the roller shutter is down, while winding up the roller shutter the telescope will be sliding in the tube. The lamellas will roll form the outside in guide by the spiral.

Bellow two links to a short movie, where you can see the telescop in action.
mpg   MPG-movie (343 Kb)
zip   Zip-file (306 Kb)

In case of a motordriven rollershutter is it not possible to mount the telescoop in the motortube. to solve this problem there is a total new spring that can be easly mounted. on the tube.

 The Benifits:

    Burglar Proof
    Suitable for all kind of blinds
    When combined with 2 spirals the rollershutter can operate in all directions

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