The Spring
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The new patented spring is developed to use in combination with motor driven rollershutters. This spring will overcome the problem that there is no space in the tube for the telescop. Even the normal rollershutters can benefit form the advantages of this new spring.

click on the image for a larger picture.

Compared to the normal springs this one is placed in the axle (tube) direction. Conventional springs would wind up along the tube. This one however will flatten on the tube. This different way of mounting enables the spring to stretch on the tube and not over the lamellen. Preventing those form getting danaged.
this new spring is also an efectif weapon against burglars, since the spring will not allow you to push the blinds up. in combination with the spiral is this even more efectif. The spriing is easy to mount and unmount. There are no longer damages on the top blind since the spring is pressed to the tube when the rollershutter opens.

A simple click system can connect the spring to the tube. There are no extra tools needed to mount the spring. In the 3D-drawing you can see the normal lamellen holder on top of the spring

 The Benifits:

    burgelar proof
    simple mounting / demontage
    easy to use in exsisting systems
    Lammellen do not get damaged
    replecement for the telescop in a motordriven rollershutter
    sloping rollershutters are possible

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